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Ferrari eyes IndyCar starting in 2022 (7th Update)
Roger Penske
Roger Penske had better play his hand with Ferrari soon

UPDATE Roger Penske, who currently owns both IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, said earlier this month that Ferrari is "definitely interested in participating", and now Indycar President Jay Frye believes that a third manufacturer will arrive "sooner or later". Frye told Autosport.com: "Roger (Penske) has a huge impact on motorsport. I think that will open more eyes for the value and marketing opportunities that IndyCar has to offer. That's why I definitely think that sooner or later a new team will join. Ferrari? That would be great."

When asked whether Frye would see Ferrari as the most obvious company to join Honda and Chevrolet in the IndyCar Series, he replied: "There are always several conversations going on - and then things like Ferrari can suddenly fall out of the sky. A year and a half ago I would have said that they were not so interested, but something has changed in their business world and there are new interests".

Mark Miles
Mark Miles

07/22/20 Adam Stern of SBD writes that IndyCar CEO Mark Miles would not confirm that negotiations with Ferrari have advanced beyond the preliminary stages, only saying: "The conversation is ongoing; it's a mistake to try to characterize it. ... We don't know whether it's going to happen at this point."

Hmm - that last statement leads us to believe Ferrari is getting cold feet.  After all they have real issues to deal with in F1 right now.  Not sure how much focus they are giving to IndyCar.  One thing is certain, Ferrari will never put their engine in another car, in this case Dallara. Never have in the past so this would be a huge departure if they agree to put a Ferrari engine in a Dallara chassis.

Now if Dallara and Ferrari agree to co-develop the next generation IndyCar chassis, calling it a Ferrari chassis when a Ferrari engine is in it, and a Dallara when a Chevy or Honda is in it, is the best of both worlds.

Both are Italian companies, so a joint agreement is definitely feasible. This keeps the chassis 'spec' to keep costs down, but allows Ferrari, Chevy and Honda to all participate in harmony. The cost of the chassis and parts would be the same for all teams.

07/05/20 With rumors now stirring that Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto may get the sack because of Ferrari's poor performance in F1, if Roger Penske can't seal a Ferrari deal for IndyCar soon, the opportunity may evaporate under new leadership.

Of course Penske probably has Ferrari connections further up the management ladder should Binotto get the boot.

07/04/20 So is Ferrari getting close to making a decision on IndyCar racing?

Roger Penske revealed Wednesday “I have been personally championing, alongside IndyCar President Jay Frye, developing a process with Ferrari,” Mr... Penske said. “I had a call with them last week, and Jay has too.

“Have they made a decision? The answer is ‘not yet’, but they are definitely interested in coming.”

“Ferrari feels a lot of social responsibility toward its employees, and we want to be sure that, for each of them, there will be a workplace in the future,” Ferrari boss Binotto said. “For this reason, we have started to evaluate alternative programs, and I can confirm that we are looking at IndyCar.”

Penske indicated Ferrari had already been in communication with IndyCar’s chassis manufacturer as they looked more deeply into a possible program.

“They have been to Dallara. We’ve given them the info they need, and they have high-level images,” said Mr... Penske, whose Penske Corp. owns Ilmor Engineering, a Chevy partner. “We have a great relationship with Chevy and know what it takes with cost, so we can give someone a real idea of all the gates they have to go through if they want to become an engine supplier and be very transparent.”

Piero Ferrari wants Ferrari in IndyCar
Piero Ferrari wants Ferrari in IndyCar

05/22/20 Formula 1 teams have agreed to reduce the 2021 budget cap from $175M to $145M opening the door for Ferrari to join IndyCar or the WEC.


05/21/20 According to the son of the legendary Enzo Ferrari, the Italian brand is in favor of employing the staff who would otherwise have to be fired in Maranello. It may not be under the heading of the Formula 1 project, but Piero Ferrari suggests a trip to another class.

''I love Indianapolis, when I was little boy I saw Gianpaolo Dallara take his first victory in the Indy 500. Ferrari has already participated with Alberto Ascari in the Indy 500 and that could be an option now. In the 80's there were already plans, but then they never got off the ground. I think my father would be very proud if a Ferrari could win the Indy 500," said Ferrari to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

What exposure does IndyCar deliver to the Ferrari brand?
What exposure does IndyCar deliver to the Ferrari brand?

05/16/20 IndyCar's latest TV debacle which has almost zero TV coverage outside of Canada and the USA, coupled with the minuscule TV ratings on NBCSN brings Ferrari very little global exposure and may end up being the biggest impediment to Ferrari deciding to sell cars and engines in IndyCar. 

While Ferrari would be doing it to make a profit and keep its F1 staff employed, it also knows that if a Ferrari powered car wins, it is positive exposure for their brand.

But who will see the races given the debacle of a TV deal that IndyCar negotiated? Roger won't be happy. 

Mario Andretti got Roger Penske and Ferrari to talk
Mario Andretti got Roger Penske and Ferrari to talk

05/14/20 Ferrari has confirmed that it is evaluating its motorsport future which could include expanding into the NTT IndyCar Series.

With an impending cost cap of $145 million set to be introduced to Formula 1 next season, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto revealed Ferrari is looking at expanding into other series and highlighted IndyCar and endurance racing, which is likely to include WEC’s new LDMh regulations.

During an interview with SkySport Italia, the Ferrari team principal confirmed that the goal is to find championships that match the needs of Ferrari when part of the sports management staff are otherwise destined to become redundant due to the Formula 1's forthcoming budget cap.

Would Michael Andretti be the first to sign with Ferrari? Of course he would.
Would Michael Andretti be the first to sign up his team with Ferrari? Of course he would. It would be huge.

"Ferrari feels a lot of social responsibility towards its employees and we want to be sure that for each of them there will be a workspace in the future," he said.

"For this reason we have started to evaluate alternative programs, and I confirm that we are looking at IndyCar, which is currently a very different category from ours [F1] but with a change of regulation scheduled in 2022 [introduction of hybrid engines].

"We also observe the world of endurance racing and other series [as options].

"We will try to make the best choice."

Were Ferrari to agree to offer IndyCar a third engine supplier to power 1/3 the field, as well as a chassis as Mario Andretti suggested, new series owner Roger Penske would certainly agree to chassis diversity.  Maybe not for anyone, but for Ferrari, you bet.

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