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Brad Keselowski, Rock N Roll Radio DJ?

by Dave Grayson
Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Brad Keselowski
When he was a youngster, it seems that Brad Keselowski had a personal occupation list of two jobs that he thought would be very cool. The first fantasy job was driving a race car for a living. Obviously, he can check that one off of his list of things to do. He more than earned that right in 2012 when he won the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship for Roger Penske Racing.

It seems that Keselowski's second fantasy job involved the broadcast industry: radio DJ to be exact. That occupational opportunity is going to present itself this Friday afternoon in Charlotte-North Carolina. Keselowski will be taking over the airwaves of radio station WEND, 106.5 FM, which is an alternative rock station commonly referred to as "The End." The driver will be on the air from five to six pm, eastern time, and will be filling in for DZL, the station's popular afternoon drive host.

Keselowski will be presented the option of playing any kind of music he wants. You can count on the fact his selections are going to be hard driving rock n roll. The kind of music that makes you bang the palms of your hands on your steering wheel as if it was an imaginary set of drums.

Keselowski's broadcast adventure initially presented itself last May, during NASCAR's All Star Weekend, when he met DZL the DJ at a public appearance in Charlotte. Keselowski made quick work of presenting DZL with a lengthy, and verbal, list of rock bands that should be featured on his show. DZL later said he recalled telling Keselowski "to worry about winning the Sprint Cup championship and if he did I'd let him come in, (to the station), and play whatever he wanted. He obviously held up his end of the bargain, so I guess I'll have to hold up mine."

Adding to the fun is an online auction that will earn a fan the right to visit WEND Radio and meet Keselowski. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Checkered Flag Foundation, an organization created by Keselowski that supports wounded warriors and first responders, along with their families.

Here's some good news for the racing fans who do not reside in the Charlotte-North Carolina broadcast area. You can dial up WEND's official website,, and listen to Keselowski's radio DJ debut via a live computer stream.

At the least case scenario, this radio debut should be interesting. At the best case scenario it should be hilarious, featuring the type of antics we've come to expect from "Bad Brad."

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