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IMSA Point Standings
2018 Final (Top-10)
Prototype Drivers
Pos Drivers Total
1 Eric Curran 277
1 Felipe Nasr 277
2 Jonathan Bennett 274
2 Colin Braun 274
3 Jordan Taylor 270
3 Renger Van Der Zande 270
4 Misha Goikhberg 252
4 Stephen Simpson 252
5 Dane Cameron 251
5 Juan Pablo Montoya 251
6 Filipe Albuquerque 249
7 Ricky Taylor 243
7 Helio Castroneves 243
8 Oliver Jarvis 234
8 Tristan Nunez 234
9 Pipo Derani 232
10 Jonathan Bomarito 218

1 Jan Magnussen 322
1 Antonio Garcia 322
2 Richard Westbrook 316
2 Ryan Briscoe 316
3 Oliver Gavin 310
3 Tommy Milner 310
4 Dirk Mueller 308
4 Joey Hand 308
5 Earl Bamber 308
5 Laurens Vanthoor 308
6 Alexander Sims 304
6 Connor De Phillippi 304
7 Nick Tandy 299
7 Patrick Pilet 299
8 John Edwards 278
8 Jesse Krohn 278
9 Bill Auberlen 106
10 Frederic Makowiecki 93

1 Bryan Sellers 333
1 Madison Snow 333
2 Katherine Legge 329
3 Jeroen Bleekemolen 299
3 Ben Keating 299
4 Cooper Macneil 295
5 Kyle Marcelli 268
5 Dominik Baumann 268
6 Alvaro Parente 264
7 Patrick Long 263
7 Christina Nielsen 263
8 John Potter 255
8 Andy Lally 255
9 Justin Marks 249
9 Lawson Aschenbach 249
10 Jack Hawksworth 239

Rank Make Total
1 Cadillac 332
2 Acura 316
3 Nissan 302
4 Mazda 300

1 Ford 351
2 Chevrolet 345
3 Porsche 341
4 BMW 332
5 Ferrari 84

1 Lamborghini 340
2 Acura 330
3 Ferrari 310
4 Mercedes-AMG 307
5 Lexus 306
6 Porsche 298
7 Audi 284
8 BMW 278
Double wins at Bathurst for Shell Mustangs

Team Penske always the best
Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Fabian Coulthard
Fabian Coulthard

FABIAN COULTHARD QUOTE: “Double Shell V-Power Racing Team winners tonight! How good is that? Awesome to get to spray some De Bortoli champagne again – it was a good night behind the wheel. I was disappointed after the first race, as I felt we could have had three top 10 results tonight. I’ve been putting in the time practicing, and to get knocked out in that race was a shame. But as a blessing in disguise it put us on pole for the second race, which we went on to win and then a sixth to finish out the night. That’s actually my first Bathurst Supercars win, Eseries or not! We’re putting in a lot of time to improve on the Simworx simulator, so get to the win is good.” zzzz

SCOTT MCLAUGHLIN QUOTE: Thanks to all our fans and everyone watching again this week. I had so much fun battling everyone. That battle at the end of Race 3 with Brodie and SVG was awesome, so good, great racing and while I was dirty when I got knocked off, I’m happy to take the win! Brodie has been quick all week, so I knew I would have my work cut out for me. But it was great fun, loving this Eseries.”

WILL POWER QUOTE: “I’ve had a lot of fun tonight, got roughed up a bit in those last couple of races, but it’s good and I enjoyed it. You could make up plenty of positions, as there were lots of guys hitting walls and making mistakes. This iRacing thing is a whole lot of fun, I’ve been doing a lot of this stuff and its really good. The racing is great in Supercars, you’ve got to be really smart with it and I really enjoyed driving these cars. Thanks for having me!”

Race 10

A post-race investigation handed Scott McLaughlin victory over Brodie Kostecki in Race 10 of the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries.

It was a dramatic 14-lap affair that went right down the final corner of the final lap, which ended in McLaughlin being hit by Kostecki.

The Shell V-Power Racing Team driver went off the track and into the wall while Kostecki crossed the line to take the win.

  • Race 10 saw Coulthard start from the pole, McLaughlin from p4 and Power from p11, their finishing positions from Race 9.
  • Solid start for all three drivers. Coulthard p1, McLaughlin p3 and Power p9 halfway through lap one.
  • Power took his first service at the end of lap one, with two stops required this race. He rejoined in p17.
  • McLaughlin was up to p2 behind Coulthard on lap two, with Coulthard holding a one-second lead. This soon dropped to 0.5s as McLaughlin chased him down. McLaughlin took Car 17 to pitlane on lap three for tyres and fuel, rejoining p8, one-second in front of Van Gisbergen.
  • Coulthard sat 2.5s ahead of Heimgartner, before pitting on lap five.
  • Power came together with Davison at Forrest’s Elbow on lap five, with Waters also involved. This forced Power to pit for repairs. He dropped to p23 as a result.
  • McLaughlin went to the lead on lap six as the pit stops continued to play out, 0.7s in front of Van Gisbergen. Coulthard was p4, and Power p24.
  • Power got caught up in an another incident on lap six at Turn 1, with Mostert and De Pasquale dropping Power to p26.
  • Coulthard went to the lane from p4 for his final stop on lap eight, rejoining the race in p12 with five laps to run. He quickly cleared De Silvestro to take p11.
  • McLaughlin pitted on lap 10 from the lead, rejoining p5 in front of Van Gisbergen and Coulthard as effective leader
  • Power mounted a strong recovery drive after several incidents to be p10 with two laps to go
  • McLaughlin had an epic race with both van Gisbergen and Brodie Kostecki, getting pushed wide on the very last corner by Kostecki to finish second. However, Kostecki took a penalty post-race to see McLaughlin be elevated back into the win.
  • Coulthard ended up sixth at the flag, with Power an incredible p10 after two major incidents during the race.
  • McLaughlin is on top of the Eseries points with 759 points; 86 clear of Waters in second and van Gisbergen third on 659.

Race 10 Results

1Scott McLaughlinShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang14 Laps
2Brodie KosteckiEggleston MotorsportHolden Commodore ZB+0.000s
3Shane van GisbergenRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB+0.937s
4Cameron WatersMonster Energy RacingFord Mustang+12.929s
5Andre HeimgartnerNED RacingFord Mustang+13.222s
6Fabian CoulthardShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang+15.204s
7Thomas RandleBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB+17.743s
8Garry JacobsonMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB+28.445s
9Lee HoldsworthTruck Assist RacingFord Mustang+33.389s
10Will PowerShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang+34.417s
11Todd HazelwoodBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB+38.782s
12Jack Le BrocqSupercheap Auto RacingFord Mustang+40.663s
13Will DavisonMilwaukee RacingFord Mustang+46.269s
14Simona de SilvestroHarvey NormanFord Mustang+52.234s
15Alex DavisonTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB+1:10.073s
16Zane GoddardMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB+1:13.593s
17Chaz MostertMobil 1 Appliances Online RacingHolden Commodore ZB+1:13.991s
18Bryce FullwoodMobil 1 Middy’s RacingHolden Commodore ZB+1:17.978s
19Rick KellyCastrol RacingFord Mustang+1:41.134s
20Macauley JonesTeam CoolDriveHolden Commodore ZB+1:44.293s
21David ReynoldsPenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB+1 Laps
22Jack SmithSCT LogisticsHolden Commodore ZB+1 Laps
23Scott PyeTeam 18Holden Commodore ZB+1 Laps
24Anton De PasqualePenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB+1 Laps
25Jamie WhincupRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB+1 Laps
26Nick PercatBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB+2 Laps
27Mark WinterbottomIrwin RacingHolden Commodore ZB+2 Laps
28Chris PitherTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB+2 Laps
29Jake KosteckiMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB+4 Laps

Race 9 

Will Power
Will Power

Fabian Coulthard dominated Race 9 of the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries to lead an all-Ford top four lockout at Mount Panorama for the Shell V-Power Racing Team.

The results of Race 8 were reversed to set the grid for Race 9, which put Fabian Coulthard on pole position.

  • Race 9 was a reverse grid race, with McLaughlin and Power from 23rd and 24th, while Coulthard was from pole after finishing Race 8 last.
  • Coulthard got an awesome start from pole, and had a half-second lead over Jake Kostecki at the end of lap one
  • McLaughlin was caught out at Turn 1 on lap one, spinning and dropping to p17. He then engaged a recovery drive as many other cars crashed out.
  • Power was also struck with issue early in this race, dropping to p23
  • By the end of lap three, Coulthard had a nearly two-second lead, McLaughlin was up to p13  and Power p18
  • Coulthard took his pit stop on lap five, dropping to p3. This sent McLaughlin to the lead, but yet to pit. Power was into p11 at this stage.
  • Both Power and McLaughlin went to the lane on lap six. McLaughlin rejoined p5, Power p8.
  • Coulthard sat P2 at that point, however leader Mostert had not taken his stop.
  • Power and Van Gisbergen came together on lap seven, dropping Power to p12
  • Mostert took his stop on lap seven, elevating Coulthard back to the lead and McLaughlin to p4
  • Overall a very good race for the team, with Coulthard taking the win, McLaughlin p4 and Power p11 after starting p24.

Results: Race 9

1Fabian CoulthardShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang16 Laps
2Cameron WatersMonster Energy RacingFord Mustang-4.450s
3Will DavisonMilwaukee RacingFord Mustang-8.938s
4Scott McLaughlinShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang-9.662s
5David ReynoldsPenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB-14.149s
6Zane GoddardMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-16.208s
7Shane Van GisbergenRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB-16.224s
8Andre HeimgartnerNED RacingFord Mustang-17.204s
9Brodie KosteckiEggleston MotorsportHolden Commodore ZB-20.149s
10Will PowerShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang-21.674s
11Lee HoldsworthTruck Assist RacingFord Mustang-22.135s
12Bryce FullwoodMobil 1 Middy’s RacingHolden Commodore ZB-22.662s
13Garry JacobsonMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-24.286s
14Macauley JonesTeam CoolDriveHolden Commodore ZB-24.673s
15Scott PyeTeam 18Holden Commodore ZB-27.701s
16Thomas RandleBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-27.809s
17Mark WinterbottomIrwin RacingHolden Commodore ZB-28.283s
18Jake KosteckiMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-41.011s
19Nick PercatBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-42.743s
20Jack Le BrocqSupercheap Auto RacingFord Mustang-46.158s
21Todd HazelwoodBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-46.313s
22Jamie WhincupRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB-58.719s
23Chaz MostertMobil 1 Appliances Online RacingHolden Commodore ZB-1:02.177s
24Jack SmithSCT LogisticsHolden Commodore ZB-1:05.754s
25Anton De PasqualePenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB-1:33.132s
26Alex DavisonTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB-2:05.290s
27Simona De SilvestroHarvey NormanFord Mustang-2 Laps
28Chris PitherTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB-2 Laps
29Rick KellyCastrol RacingFord Mustang-2 Laps

Race 8

Scott McLaughlin
Scott McLaughlin

Shane van Gisbergen claimed Race 8 victory in the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries, holding off a spirited challenge by wildcard Brodie Kostecki.

  • Strong start in Race 8 for all three drivers. Power p5, McLaughlin p7 and Coulthard p9 on lap 1 keeping clear of several runners who got into trouble.
  • McLaughlin and Power came together at The Chase at the end of lap one, with McLaughlin pushed wide onto the grass and Power dropping to p16, having to pit for repairs. A four-car battle pack was running down Conrod straight, with Heimgartner and Mostert also involved in the incident.
  • McLaughlin received a drive-through penalty for that incident.
  • Coulthard crashed out on lap four, forced into the wall at the Elbow by Cameron Waters. He had to 'escape; to pit lane which dropped him to p25, and nearly a full lap down.
  • McLaughlin pitted on lap four, dropping him to p11. Power was p14 at that point.
  • Power worked his way to p8 by lap five, and p7 by lap six. McLaughlin was up to p4 on lap six of eight, yet to take his drive-through penalty.
  • McLaughlin took his penalty on the penultimate lap, dropping him to p7. He raced Scott Pye from pit exit all the way to Griffin's Bend, winning the corner and the position on the final lap.
  • At the finish Power was p6, McLaughlin p7 and Coulthard p29

Race 8 Results

1Shane van GisbergenRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB8 Laps
2Brodie KosteckiEggleston MotorsportHolden Commodore ZB-0.766s
3Anton De PasqualePenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB-1.808s
4Thomas RandleBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-9.159s
5Chaz MostertMobil 1 Appliances Online RacingHolden Commodore ZB-18.366s
6Will PowerShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang-18.845s
7Scott McLaughlinShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang-23.322s
8Mark WinterbottomIrwin RacingHolden Commodore ZB-28.613s
9Macauley JonesTeam CoolDriveHolden Commodore ZB-29.038s
10Nick PercatBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-30.352s
11Todd HazelwoodBrad Jones RacingHolden Commodore ZB-31.941s
12Cameron WatersMonster Energy RacingFord Mustang-32.268s
13Lee HoldsworthTruck Assist RacingFord Mustang-34.151s
14Scott PyeTeam 18Holden Commodore ZB-36.929s
15Bryce FullwoodMobil 1 Middy’s RacingHolden Commodore ZB-37.246s
16Zane GoddardMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-38.098s
17Alex DavisonTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB-43.792s
18Garry JacobsonMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-43.997s
19Jack Le BrocqSupercheap Auto RacingFord Mustang-46.905s
20David ReynoldsPenrite RacingHolden Commodore ZB-48.528s
21Jamie WhincupRed Bull Holden Racing TeamHolden Commodore ZB-49.172s
22Rick KellyCastrol RacingFord Mustang-50.326s
23Andre HeimgartnerNED RacingFord Mustang-1:06.136s
24Will DavisonMilwaukee RacingFord Mustang-1:06.416s
25Chris PitherTeam SydneyHolden Commodore ZB-1:07.117s
26Simona de SilvestroHarvey NormanFord Mustang-1:07.515s
27Jake KosteckiMatt Stone RacingHolden Commodore ZB-1:22.708s
28Jack SmithSCT LogisticsHolden Commodore ZB-1:25.796s
29Fabian CoulthardShell V-Power Racing TeamFord Mustang-1:51.030s





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