We all have what might be bad days
by Stan Creekmore, NASCAR Editor

April 16, 2003

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There is very little in this world more frustrating then dealing with the midnight deadline of April 15.

As I see it, a four-day run of restrictor plate racing is less of a challenge then understanding the United States Tax Code. At least in the Tax Code there isn’t a word about going under the yellow line, no matter if you are trying to reduce your tax liability (which is, in a way, a means of advancing your position).

Now, if only we could get the IRS to understand when a mistake is a mistake versus it being a deliberate attempt to defraud the government. It would be as if the media center suddenly broke out in a chorus of “We believe” when faced with an explanation from the NASCAR brass.

Mind you, I have no complaints with the decision at Talladega as handed down by Mike Helton, NASCAR President. I don’t even have a problem with the no-call/call situation from Texas.

However, just so no one starts calling me spineless, there is little room from agreement on the call that surely cost Brian Vickers a chance at his first career win.

It doesn’t matter that I disagree with NASCAR on the call involving Vickers. It also doesn’t matter that I agree with NASCAR on other issues. What matters is that one takes the time to listen and try to understand the position of another. NASCAR listens. Why shouldn’t the media?

It appears, at least from listening to an assorted number of scribes, that it is far easier to spend a day painting a picture of a jackass, and then it might be to take an afternoon to see a horse of a different color.

If you are wondering where this is all leading, maybe I should just state more specifically that this writer has grown sick of those he would call peers. So sick, in fact, that it no longer amazes me that two of these peers, albeit great story tellers, in reality show little interest in putting out the facts. Add to those the few who have sworn vendettas against certain car owner or drivers, one or two who find the landscape looks best while expanding their lungs with illegal drugs, and one who swears so heavily it could make a sailor blush and you can see the media pool is more like a Mississippi swamp then an Olympic arena.

Luckily, a minority actually is concerned with the facts, and not with publishing a great rumor or exaggeration of the truth.

While he hasn’t said so, even our esteemed publisher has been disappointed with the efforts of this lowly scribe over the past three months. He is not alone in that disappointment.

Therefore, with the reality of an error in judgment admitted, a new start begins. All I ask is that you try to understand my lack of effort and work with me as it improves.

I figure if NASCAR deserves the benefit of the doubt, so do I.

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