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Dodge unleashes fastest most powerful Pickup ever
 150 MPH Viper-powered 2004 Dodge RAM SRT-10

November 25, 2003

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Dodge RAM SRT-10

There are no doubts, no second guesses and no recounts needed, the ultimate performance pickup is here; and it’s a Dodge.

The most powerful and fastest production pickup ever, the new 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 packs a big Viper punch with a class-demolishing 500 horsepower and 525 lb.-ft. of torque. Topping 150 mph in maximum speed and reaching 60 mph in just over five seconds, Dodge has recalibrated expectations for truck performance.

“With the Ram SRT-10, the PVO team set out to create the fastest, most powerful production pickup ever – the ultimate Dodge Ram,” said Wolfgang Bernhard, Chief Operating Officer–Chrysler Group. “The goal at PVO is to out muscle everything in our class through superior engineering and by drawing on our engineers’ vast motorsports experience. That is why this truck can accelerate like a dragster, yet it is not a coarse hot rod.”

“The Ram SRT-10 represents a cohesive design that blends brute power with the engineering refinement usually reserved for the world’s best sports cars,” Bernhard added. “This is not a bolt-on kit for a Ram. PVO has created a new vehicle that blends a race-inspired interior, functional aerodynamics for high speed driving and a modified suspension to maximize handling without sacrificing ride. The Ram SRT-10 has been refined and perfected into a sports truck that is luxurious, fast and represents the ultimate in its class. No one has ever experienced anything like the Ram SRT-10.”

Bigger is Better
The Dodge Ram SRT-10 delivers big numbers at every turn. With 500 horsepower, 525 lb.-ft. of torque, 505 cubic inches and a 505 watt ear-melting sound system, Dodge dominates in every category. The 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 is the new performance truck icon.

V10 Viper power

“Once the idea of putting the 500 horsepower Viper-10 into the Ram was presented, we knew we had to make this truck,” said Dan Knott, Director–Performance Vehicle Operations. “We felt we had an obligation to build this truck, to build something truly great. We knew that no other manufacturer could make this happen, only Dodge and PVO.”

“But we didn’t just make a boy racer truck with lots of horsepower,” Knott added. “We sweat the details – tuned the suspension, re-designed the interior for performance driving, re-worked the aerodynamics and created a new truck, one that delivers a life-altering driving experience.
We made this a PVO vehicle with one intention – to be the fastest production pickup ever. It must be driven to be believed.”

The Ram SRT-10’s mayhem-making ability is delivered courtesy of the highest displacement engine in a factory pickup truck – the same 8.3-liter aluminum V-10 that powers America’s ultimate sports car, the 2003 Dodge Viper. The V-10’s horsepower rating easily surpasses all other pickups – not to mention virtually every production sports car in the world.

“This truck has a soul and that soul is the Viper V-10,” said Darryl Jackson, Vice President–Dodge Marketing. “This is the Viper of trucks, a unique, low-volume, over-the-top collectible that remakes the entire segment. In the performance truck segment, the Ram SRT-10 simply owns the road, and once again proves that the Dodge DNA runs true and deep.”

“There is no replacement for displacement,” added Bernhard. “The Dodge Ram SRT-10 delivers its astounding performance in a way that only Viper owners will recognize, with an endless rush of torque.”

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Dodge unleashes 500 HP Viper powered Dodge RAM Pickup

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