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Final Point Standings
Driver Championship
1 Sebastien Bourdais 364
2 Justin Wilson 281
3 Rob Doornbos (R) 268
4 Will Power 262
5 Graham Rahal (R) 243
6 Oriol Servia 237
7 Bruno Junqueira 233
8 S. Pagenaud (R) 232
9 Neel Jani (R) 231
10 Alex Tagliani 205
11 Paul Tracy 171
12 T. Gommendy (R) 140
13 Dan Clarke 129
14 Ryan Dalziel (R) 116
15 Katherine Legge 108
16 Jan Heylen 104
17 Alex Figge (R) 95
18 Mario Dominguez 78
19 Nelson Philippe 28
20 David Martinez (R) 18
21 Matt Halliday (R) 18
22 Roberto Moreno 9

Rookie of the Year
1 Robert Doornbos (R) 268
2 Graham Rahal (R) 243
3 Simon Pagenaud (R) 232
4 Neel Jani (R) 231
5 Tristan Gommendy (R) 140
6 Ryan Dalziel (R) 116
7 Alex Figge (R) 95
8 David Martinez (R) 18
9 Matt Halliday (R) 18

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Latest Champ Car News and Commentary

Gordon Kirby's new book honors Wally Dallenbach Sr.
  by Tim Wohlford
Normally we don't plug books here, but this time it's long-time motor sports journalist Gordon Kirby writing a book about highly respected CART steward Wally Dallenbach.  Gordon commented to me that this book was fun to write, with lots of respect and praise for Wally's career in motor sports. 
Dillon Saves Fuel, Wins XFINITY Thriller
  At Fontana
Austin Dillon saved just enough fuel and was in the right place at the right time to steal the victory away from a dominant Kyle Busch after the winner of the last three Xfinity Series races blew a tire on the white flag lap and managed to sneak by Busch's battered Toyota in the final turn to win the 300 at Auto Club Speedway for his first Xfinity Series win of the season.
AR1 Catches up with Steve Edwards
  by Lucille Dust
Recently, AutoRacing1 IndyCar Correspondent caught up with former CART safety team director Steve Edwards. The Indianapolis native joined the nascent organization at its founding in 1979 and became one of the driving forces behind the group widely considered to have been a pioneering force in motorsports safety. 
Remembering George Bignotti
  by AJ Foyt
Auto racing lost one of the all-time great mechanics today when George Bignotti passed away at his home in Las Vegas. He was 97. “I’d say he was one of the greatest mechanics that was ever at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We had such a close relationship and even though I went on my merry way, we were still close up to his death,” said A.J. Foyt. Bignotti, whose record shows 85 IndyCar victories including seven Indianapolis 500 wins with five different drivers, including Foyt, Indy’s first four-time winner.
F1 car takes back record from Champ Car/IndyCar
  by Bob Heathcote
Marc Gene drove in the Ferrari Driving Days held at Laguna Seca in California this past weekend. The Ferrari reserve driver 'allegedly' unofficially beat the track record with a lap of 1m05.78s driving a Ferrari F2003-GA. The official record is currently held by Sebastien Bourdais who had a time of 1m05.88s in 2007 while driving a Panoz DP01 Champ Car.  Our Bob Heathcote was there to capture this and all the action in these captioned photos.
Marco Andretti tops soggy day at Long Beach
Marco Andretti topped the time sheets on a soggy opening day on the streets of Long Beach as IZOD IndyCar Series teams began preparations for the 38th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  The third-generation driver, whose family claimed wins in the first four Indy car races on the streets of Long Beach, turned a lap of 1:17.2298 in the No. 26 Team RC Cola Chevrolet as the track dried late in the morning session. Takuma Sato (1:17.9448) was second in the No. 15 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda, while defending race winner Mike Conway (1:18.2396) was third in the No. 14 ABC Supply car for A.J. Foyt Racing. (AR1) now available on the iPad
Get the latest racing hot news, rumors, feature articles, race schedules, videos and photos of the week delivered right to your Apple iPad anywhere in the world. Get up-to-the-minute news on NASCAR, F1, IndyCar, ALMS, Grand-Am, NHRA, Automotive News and more. This iPad application comes with a free 1 week subscription.
Give it up already Jacques Villeneuve
  by Brian Carroccio
Today I am writing about a developing story, I was in fact, ahead of months ago. For those who read regularly, you might recall I wrote an article about Jacques Villeneuve, the 1995 Indianapolis 500 champion and 1997 Formula One (F1) World Champion. Villeneuve, has had something of a star crossed career, as he became world champion at the age of 26 and joined an illustrious pantheon in racing history, having won the IndyCar Championship, Indy 500 and F1 titles. For perspective that list contains three names: Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Villeneuve.
Just what is wrong with IndyCar Racing's popularity?
  by Mark J. Cipolloni
There is a troublesome trend of malaise for the sport by race fans.  But in general American racing is not connecting with today's younger generation.  Why?  Because American racing is spec, dumbed down (to make it cheap) racing.  F1 is still hugely popular.  Why?  Because it is the cream of the crop in driving talent and technical ingenuity.  American Racing, because it is so fractured and hence poor, has lost that edge, that seat of the pants excitement.
Labor Day weekend 1952.  A weekend I'll never forget
  by Steven Levinson
If you were to ask anyone where they spent Labor Day a year ago, or even 5 years ago, most people would be hard pressed to remember. For me however, I can vividly recall exactly where I was 50 years ago this past week-end. The events of that Sunday afternoon in Dayton, Ohio are forever seared into my memory.  This article is dedicated to the brave and talented drivers who participated in the AAA Midwest Sprint Car Championships of that era, many of who lost their lives.
Scenes from Long Beach Sunday - 2
  by Aaron Rommel





Q and A with Kevin Kalkhoven
  After Champ Car's final event
KEVIN KALKHOVEN: The good news is it's not the final Long Beach Grand Prix because, of course, the Council has just extended it for another 10 years. During that period there have been different technologies involved, and obviously with mixed emotions today. I mean, I'm very proud of the DP 01, but I'm also looking forward to the future which is the future of open-wheel motorsport here in North America.
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An informal survey of the St. Pete race attendees

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